HARDI is ROUCHON because Rouchon is hardi (daring)

ROUCHON PARIS’s goal is to encourage editorial and advertising players to create specific contents for tablets and to guide them on this path.

Created in 1959 by photographer Jacques Rouchon - press reporter in the famous Rapho agency alongside fellow Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis or Sabine Weiss then fashion photographer for over 30 years – ROUCHON PARIS is now the leading rental Studio in Paris.

A digital photography pioneer in the early 2000s, ROUCHON PARIS developped a few years ago video services to guide photography players towards motion contents.

ROUCHON PARIS went on to think and create HARDI as a means to show its know-how and expertise for innovative contents for tablets.

Our goal is simple: To become THE legitimate player for all interactive and innovative motion photography contents on tablets.

We now posess all the skills to advise and guide you through these processes, produce, make, retouch, code and upload this new kind of contents.

Our main asset, our ability to gather photographers, videomakers, art directors and coding techs thanks to 30 years of experience working for image professionals and a few years ahead in motion photography production.

Do you want to bring interactivity and motion to your traditional contents ?

ROUCHON PARIS is here to drive you there !

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